Our approach

Leadmonitor.ai is a marketing solution that encompasses the whole campaign, from creating content to providing a sales qualified lead and everything else in-between.

This can be achieved in 5 simple steps.

1. Create content

We have over 700+ in-house research analysts, consultants and journalists, as well as thousands of external thought-leaders, to create differentiated content with actionable insight across all our key industry verticals.


Technology, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Creative & Design, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Automotive & Logistics, Construction, Aerospace, Defence & Security, Consumer, Energy, Travel & Tourism, Packaging, Public Sector/Government


Name, domain, industry, employee size, company net worth, job title and job function.


Age, gender, home value, net worth, personal income and household income.

2. Reach

Our solutions specialists will work with you to identify your target audience and give an estimate of the number of leads you can generate and reach across our network.

Evergreen content

Our team of 700+ research analysts, consultants, journalists and SEO specialists will produce hyper-personalised content for your target that they can’t ignore – on the website or on a search engine.


We will create your own microsite that will host your content, products and copy, utilising our internal team of developers, designers (UX/UI), SEO and marketing specialists.

Videos & webinars

Produce content that is more interactive and engaging to your audience, working with our in-house video and webinar production teams.

3. Promotion & Targeting

Once your target audience is selected and your custom content created, we will start promoting it across our range of channels and websites.


We will ensure your campaign is impactful as possible by combining our user and company level data alongside propensity models to effectively target your audience (identified and anonymous) across our network.


Your content will be promoted across a group of over 45 specialist websites (B2B & B2C) with 9 million+ monthly visitors per month, reaching your prospects wherever possible.

Other channels

We will promote your campaign through our social media accounts, pop-ups, advertisements, search engines (SEO) and PPC channels, amplifying your message as much as possible.

4. Insight

From the first moment and throughout your campaign, you will have access to a real-time dashboard that shows you all the leads generated and which users & companies have been engaging with your content.

Audience analysis

Understand who is interested in your content by viewing the firmographic data of each company and the demographic data of each user who has been viewing your content through our IP tracking and enriching technology.

Lead generation

Provide sales with instant leads that have either submitted their details or been identified through their behavioural intent, which can then be integrated directly into your CRM, with email notifications set up to your liking.

Content rankings

Receive updates on how well your content is performing through SERP rankings, traffic or engagement to help inform your content strategy.

5. Optimise

Every day your campaign is live, we discover more about your target audience, your business and how we can provide more leads to improve your campaign.

Machine learning

Our propensity models are constantly being updated with users’ behavioural data across our network, making our selections more refined and accurate upon every mouse click and helping you to reach more prospects.

Strategy review

Our expert team will offer advice on your content and marketing strategy and where it can be optimised. We will also work with your sales and marketing teams to give best advice on converting your leads into sales.

Audience growth

We are constantly growing our network with ambitious year on year targets to attract more users to your content, providing you with an increasing opportunity to generate more leads.

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