Our technology

LeadMonitor.ai uses cutting-edge technology to deliver continuous optimisation and insight throughout the user’s campaign.

As technology advances, so does the way in which you are targeting potential clients, which is leading firms to move away from traditional advertising and lead generation practices to find new alternatives.

Marketing Tools Traditional advertising Leadmonitor.ai advertising
Targeting By website section or geography Propensity-driven from 1st and 3rd party data fields
Data Limited, mainly anonymous users 75+ industry, firmographic and demographic fields per user
Review Static Bespoke and dynamic
Insight Manual review and updates required by the user Automatic machine learning and AI practices without further user inputs
ROI Traffic-based stats Real-time lead and analytics dashboard
Privacy Pay per click or impressions Pay per generated leads only
Service 3rd party cookies 1st party data and Edge Computing

Some of our technology features include

Edge Computing

Enhances security and privacy, offering faster data processing and storage which is key for efficient real-time applications.

IP Enrichment

Allows for a deeper understanding of your audience, making it easier to create personalised experiences without breaking GDPR guidelines

Real-time Analytics

Provides actionable data to a business without delay, leaving more time to make crucial decisions and seize opportunities

Propensity Targeting

Combines propensity modelling and machine learning to target individuals or companies when they are most likely to act.

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